Generators, Load Bank Testing, Electric Motors and more services provided by BIGPOWER

What Kind of Services Does BIGPOWER Provide?

BIGPOWER has been in the Repair, Service, and Problem Solving business since 1914.

We provide Repair and Service for Standby Generators:

  •  Scheduled Maintenance Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual Service as customer compliance, or policy preference dictates.
  • Repairs either with immediate Emergency Unit Failure or Discovered during Maintenance Visit to perform repairs at a future visit in a timely fashion.
  • Facility Compliance Testing for Generators using Independent Load Banks when required as well as available Building Load Lesting.
  • Building Elevator Standby Generator support testing for Facility compliance.
  • Generator Technical support for Property Management Companies, Facilities Managers, Maintenance Personnel, Electricians, Business Owners, Municipalities, as well as Homeowners working from home post-pandemic.
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Problems Resolved by BIGPOWER include:

  •  Standby generator may need attention when it doesn’t start as called upon in emergency, or during testing.
    ◦ Electric power demands have increased requiring upgrades since first used.
  • Liquid cooled unit maintenance may reveal radiator issues that require repairs.
  • Rodents invade Generator Housings and wreak havoc with electronics or wiring.
  • Older generators have obsolete parts requiring technical experience to keep performing.
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Make BIGPOWER your generator and load bank testing solution provider for:

  • Well trained, experienced technicians and support personnel.
  • A company-wide commitment to honest, reliable, affordable, fast turnaround service.
  • Family Owned & Operated since 1914, conveniently centrally located for quick response.
  • Dependable & dedicated to all customers especially during stressful power outages.
  • Understanding busy customer time constraints with flexible solutions.
  • Bigelow Electrical/ BigPower wants your business!
  • Special Olympics Supporter
  • Junior Achievement
  • Shrine Hospitals
  • EGSA Member
  • NEGDA Member
  • AFE Affiliated
  • BBB Member
  • Chambers of Commerce Member
  • NWBA Member
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24/7 Emergency Repair Services

BIGPOWER offers 24/7 Emergency Repair Services so that you can be confident that you won’t be left alone in the dark. Our on call answering service is available at all times so that you can reach our skilled technicians in the event they are needed after regular business hours!

Scheduled Maintenance Agreements

BIGPOWER has available a Scheduled Maintenance Agreement program for the routine maintenance of your machine that is essential for supporting the health and longevity of your emergency standby generator so that you can be confident in your machines ability to perform as expected.

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Reliable Repair Services

BIGPOWER is staffed with a highly skilled field service team that is equipped and knowledgeable to treat a vast range of potential issues a generator may develop.

Accreditation Testing

BIGPOWER is equipped to satisfy various accreditation testing to assure that your facility remains in compliance with industry standards and emergency backup power regulations. Such Testing includes Generator Load Bank Testing and generator monitoring during State Elevator Inspections.

Load Bank Testers

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generator sales

Generator Sales

A proud Kohler Dealer, BIGPOWER can help you get the right machine for your needs with our experienced generator sales team. Be confident that the generator you choose is the absolute best generator to suit your requirements.

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